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Halo Housing / Trim Locator

Select an Aperture / Lamp Type
Halo - 3-Inch Incandescent
Halo - 3-Inch Low Voltage
Halo - 4-Inch Compact Fluorescent
Halo - 4-Inch Incandescent
Halo - 4-Inch Incandescent LED
Halo - 4-Inch LED
Halo - 4-Inch LED Open Frame Retrofit
Halo - 4-Inch Low Voltage
Halo - 5-Inch Compact Fluorescent
Halo - 5-Inch Incandescent
Halo - 5-Inch Incandescent LED
Halo - 5-Inch LED
Halo - 5-Inch LED Open Frame Retrofit
Halo - 6-Inch Compact Fluorescent
Halo - 6-Inch Compact Fluorescent Slope
Halo - 6-Inch Incandescent
Halo - 6-Inch Incandescent LED
Halo - 6-Inch Incandescent Slope
Halo - 6-Inch LED
Halo - 6-Inch LED Emergency
Halo - 6-Inch LED Open Frame Retrofit
Retrofit - 4-Inch Incandescent
Retrofit - 4-Inch Incandescent LED
Retrofit - 4-Inch LED
Retrofit - 4-Inch LED Open Frame Retrofit
Retrofit - 5-Inch Incandescent
Retrofit - 5-Inch Incandescent LED
Retrofit - 5-Inch LED
Retrofit - 5-Inch LED Open Frame Retrofit
Retrofit - 6-Inch Incandescent
Retrofit - 6-Inch Incandescent LED
Retrofit - 6-Inch LED
Retrofit - 6-Inch LED Open Frame Retrofit
All-Pro - 4-Inch Low Voltage
The Halo Housing / Trim Locator is provided for general guidance, and is not a substitute for specification review. Refer to product catalog and specification sheets prior to ordering for additional information. Note: Product availability, specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice. Product selection is the sole responsibility of the user / purchaser. Eaton assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or any costs related to use or misuse of the locator tool.
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